Sad giraffe and leopards close-up

Blankets are coming out and many a fire has been lit. The animals are enjoying the respite from the heat we endured in March. We had a group with us over the last week who were spoilt with good sightings. They had a breeding herd of elephant visit them right at the KwaMbili hide and dam, and then found a leopard lying lazily in a tree. To top it all they witnessed two lionesses and a male lion on a buffalo kill and this was the cause of much excitement and stories told around the fire that evening. Then the next guests came across something more unusual. They found a leopard sleeping on a termite mound shortly after it had killed a baby giraffe. The leopard couldn’t get to the kill because the mother giraffe (understandably upset) was standing her ground and would not leave her dead baby. In fact, every time the leopard came near to try to feed, she literally chased it away!