Leopard sniffing Edde’s boot

The week at KwaMbili has been fantastic and our guests have left with happy hearts and great stories to tell their families back home. We received a report that a leopard had been located on a kill not far from the Lodge, and made our way towards the sighting with much anticipation. When we got there, we found the leopard feasting on the meat of a freshly killed young zebra. Later, our next group of guests managed to relocate the same leopard and found him resting in a nearby Marula tree. As they pulled into the sighting the leopard jumped out of the tree and took great interest in our tracker’s boot. The tracker just sat very still on the tracker seat as the leopard literally sniffed his boot! Another highlight this week was when the lion king of Thornybush roared just metres away from the vehicle and you could feel the vibration right through the metal frame of the vehicle. We hope to be just as lucky with sightings next week and, should you choose to stay at KwaMbili, to meet every expectation that you may have.