As many of our guests will remember, KwaMbili had a resident female leopard named Twinspot, who sadly passed away towards the end of 2018. She was one of the original females of the northern part of the reserve and was seen many times wandering through the camp, often alone, but on a rare occasion with her cubs… One of her cubs, Saseka (meaning beautiful) has become a favourite amongst the guides of Thornybush. She is very relaxed around vehicles and is just an all-round beautiful leopard, and over the years we’ve had many amazing sightings of her. Recently she was spotted (excuse the pun) with 2 tiny cubs (not her first litter) – we are unsure of the genders and they are probably only a few weeks old but we hope to have more sightings of them and watch them grow into strong beautiful leopards just like their mother and grandmother… Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting addition to the many animals of Thornybush.

Report by Mel, image Ty/Brendon – Twinspot in 2019