Return of the Wild Dogs

It’s been a great past couple of weeks out here in the bush, with exciting news that the pack of wild dogs has moved back into the northern half of Thornybush. It’s with great joy we welcome the pack back. They were originally denning in July this year not too far from KwaMbili and it was always great seeing the puppies and adults around the den site. Then towards the end of July the pack moved off and they were sighted out in Timbavati Private Nature Reserve and the Guernsey area over the last months and were obviously doing well.

Over the past week they have made their way back to near the pups’ birth place, providing us with unbelievable sightings almost every morning and evening. They seem to be focused on the western central area of Thornybush and every now and then make their way slightly further north to KwaMbili. It’s amazing going out on game drive everyday with the hope of seeing the pack. They have done well to look after their pups from July and the pack is looking big, strong and healthy. We hope they stick around on Thornybush for a long time to come.

Report and images by ranger Wesley