Lion Cubs Update

Over the past few months it’s been very special watching the cubs of our local lion pride develop and come into their own. Over the past couple of weeks there have been even further exciting developments.

Following the first 2 cubs that were born in February and the litter of five that were born at the end of March, another 3 very young cubs have recently been discovered! Having unfortunately lost the little female from the first litter to natural causes, this means we are currently blessed with 9 cubs! We find our famous male lion Mapoza spending more and more time with these cubs, providing protection and security as well as being a father figure, ensuring that his regal bloodline continues.

We have also recently discovered that the fourth lioness from our local pride is also quite heavily pregnant which means even more cubs! This bodes well for the future of the lion population within Thornybush and in turn will help regulate the ever increasing hyena numbers within the reserve. As with everything in nature, there are ebbs and flows but nature always manages to keep everything in balance.

Provided the majority of the cubs make it to adulthood, lion sightings are going to be fantastic in the near future, and it will be very fulfilling watching as these cute young cubs develop into adulthood.

Report and images by ranger Andi