The rains have come, everybody happy

This last week the rains we have been waiting for have finally come. Our dams have water in them, rivers are flowing and the vegetation is changing so fast with green popping up everywhere. There are puddles on the roads and as a result we have seen many of the smaller creatures like leopard tortoise coming out to drink from these puddles. The general game sightings have been amazing as they are as happy as we are that there is finally water around. Edward was blessed with 3 awesome sightings this week. Prior to the rains coming, we had a few very hot days, and whilst on drive, he stumbled upon a herd of elephant taking a much needed dip in a watering hole to cool themselves off. He also located 3 female lion and 1 male lion and a cub, and after leaving them, they heard a buffalo moan so went back and the lion had successfully made a kill and their faces were covered in blood. He then went up North to track a leopard and managed to find it and had the privilege of observing it trying to hunt a warthog.