Winter is Coming

It’s winter time and it’s starting to get cold in the mornings and evenings. We depart on our safaris at 6:00am before the sun is up and head into the bush to see what nature has to offer. Everyone has a list of things to see. But we start out looking for tracks and signs to see what’s been in the area the night before. Once tracks have been found, we follow with the hope that the tracks lead us to the animal we have been following. Now that it hasn’t rained for a while the bush is slowly changing colour from the lush green of summer to the dull tawny brown of winter. We are finding it slightly easier to spot animals as the bush is not as dense as in summer due to the trees losing their leaves and the grass no longer able to stand straight – all of which enables us to see further into the bush. Smaller water holes and mud pans are drying up due to the lack of rain. In the evening we are starting to see more nocturnal animals such as Honey Badger, Porcupine, Civet and Genets as well as the Big Cats of course. So come and join us here at KwaMbili but don’t forget a warm jacket.