Leopard kill at close range

Leopards are one of the animals every guest wants to see but not one of the easier animals to find! They live alone and have good camouflage, blending into their habitat. I was once told that you don’t find a leopard, the leopard finds you or at least allows you to see it – and there is some truth behind this. For us it also comes down to whether the leopard you are trying to find is relaxed around the vehicle or not. Many guests believe that leopards are always found in trees but this is a common misconception. When leopards are found in trees it’s generally an area with high lion or hyena activity so they go up a tree to escape the threat. When there is not so much other predator activity they stay on the ground. We were lucky enough to find a big male leopard feeding on an impala kill not far from the vehicle, in fact close enough to use a smart phone as camera. What an amazing animal, especially being so relaxed with the vehicle.