Updates on young ones and a new watering hole

The hyena pups are growing up fast, and are very relaxed with the vehicles. One afternoon the mother was lying down with two of her pups suckling in the shade, she was incredibly un-phased by our vehicle parked just 3 meters away. Another adult female came out the bush ahead and approached her with intent. Then in a flash there was some commotion between the two females and the pups made a run for it! They soon settled their differences and the mother casually lay down for her pups to come back and suckle again. In the Hyena society, the females rule the roost and there is an almost linear hierarchy between them all. Dominant females will assert themselves to subordinates to maintain their status in the clan.

We are having beautiful leopard sightings and were very fortunate the one afternoon to watch three of the young 5 month old cubs feeding on an impala, the mother was no where in sight but probably not far off. We enjoyed this amazing encounter for a while whilst the sun was setting in the backround. The light was dim and the sky had this orange belt across the horizon which made the whole experience quite surreal. We left them peacefully as we searched for a place to stop, stretch our legs and enjoy the sun set with an ice cold beer in hand.

Had a interesting experience watching the elephants. Most of the riverbeds are dried up at the moment, which can be quite deceiving at times as there is still underground water that we cant see. The elephants are amazing at detecting water close to the surface and we watched as they used their big front feet to excavate sand and access some nice clean filtered water! The newly formed watering hole can attract a whole array of various animals that will come to drink once the elephant has moved off. Remember sharing is caring!