Trip to Kruger

If you stay with us at KwaMbili for 3 days or more and want to enhance your bush experience still further, it is a good idea to book a trip to Kruger National Park with one of our experienced guides who will drive you around for the day, telling you all about the park and its wildlife, stopping at a picnic site for a KwaMbili brunch. It most certainly is a worthwhile trip as Kruger has completely different scenery from Thornybush and you can (if you are lucky) see wildlife you otherwise would not see – for instance the heaviest flyng bird in the world, the Kori Bustard, or the largest bird in the world, the ostrich.

On a recent trip we reached the Kruger National Park good and early around 7.00am and immediately encountered some pretty little birds called… Little Bee-Eaters, closely followed by an endangered species of bird, the Ground Hornbill.

We then proceeded to the area where lion had last been seen and came across a large number of… elephant! And then, just a little further down the road, a fabulous sighting of a lioness and her two very small cubs. After that it was time to make our way back through the park and on to KwaMbili.

This is of course just a small taste of Kruger National Park but it makes for a great day – Kruger never disappoints!