Snake eats frog

Thornybush Game Reserve certainly knows how to entertain and so do the various animal species. The week began as all weeks do for KwaMbili with “the usual” great Big 5 sightings. What we all sometimes miss though are the smaller creatures such as spiders and snakes. This week we were privileged enough to watch a spotted bush snake eating a frog. Has anyone actually really sat and watched a snake swallow something more than double its own diameter? It remains one of the most fascinating events you will ever see. Unbelievable how the snake is able to consume something that big and all that with no knife and fork! In this sort of situation snakes often feel disturbed and regurgitate their prey before escaping or simply move off to swallow their prey in private but this spotted bush snake was relaxed enough to allow us to film and view it whilst it was swallowing its meal.