Season’s changing

The past few days have been windy and cold with the first rains of the season falling, only 6mm but enough for the plants to start producing flowers and bring on the whole pollination process. Soon we will witness the change from the dull colours of winter to the brighter colours of spring. But for the moment the changing weather is making game drives more of a challenge for all… The other day we were fortunate to find a female leopard with a kill (a young impala male) in a tree. As we arrived she brought her kill down from the tree on to the ground and dragged it into a thicket. Although visibility was limited at first, we did manage to get a good view as she fed on her kill. Right then it started to rain – as wonderful and necessary as the rain is, it did leave us all cold and wet that morning! Then, as we left the leopard sighting, we found tracks of a male lion which we followed until we were able to observe him close by, drinking at a water hole. What a great morning – despite the weather.