Marvin has recovered

You will be glad to hear Marvin, our old male lion, is still around making himself heard. We tracked him one afternoon and found him belly full lying right in the open next to the road! Had him all to ourselves for a long time and he gave us an incredible vocal display, he roared so loud the vehicle was vibrating! This is the only time we have ever seen a male lion roar on his back with his back legs pointing skyward! It seems he was so full that this was the only way of doing it. We quietly chuckled as he turned around to look at us.

Whilst doing some work around the camp, we were working on one of the tents when we heard a commotion down by the dam. The noise sounded like fighting lions. We got the staff together to go have a look and discovered Marvin was there along with his nemesis, the dominant male lion. They were lying down and looked tired as it was mid-afternoon, but the feeling around them was tense and occasionally a small growl was given to remind one another of the seriousness of the situation. Great to see them so close to the lodge! Later we heard them disappear into the bush grumbling away at each other.