Lions and leopards

It all started one afternoon with a family just arrived all the way from Holland. We were told that this trip had been a dream of theirs for many years. After watching African animals on TV and wanting to experience it first-hand, they booked a trip to South Africa and Kwambili – so we knew we had our work cut out for us! One of them asked to see a leopard, another to see lions feeding on a kill. Luckily we had seen lions on a wildebeest kill in the morning and we were on our way there to see if we could relocate these lions when we heard about a leopard sighting. Now a leopard sighting was an opportunity we couldn’t miss so we forgot about the lions for the moment and went to see the leopard. And wow… it was a beautiful female sleeping out in the open. We spent some time with her and then moved on to stop for sundowners before it got dark. As it got dark we packed up and went in search of the lions on the wildebeest kill. Happily we found them still there – although there were mixed emotions among the guests at seeing the dead wildebeest being eaten by lions! But they did appreciate the “cool” sighting. After a while it was time to start to head back to camp for dinner. What an amazing first game drive for them.