The life of sub-adult lions

It’s been great to watch these two young lions growing up over the past two years, especially their early interaction with their mother and her sisters, acting like big kittens, showing such love and so carefree. That is until the inevitable day came when they had to leave the pride to avoid being killed by the newly dominant pride male we call Trilogy. The period prior to their departure was tense with their mother intervening between her youngsters and the big male. They are now on their own and are able to fend for themselves.

A while back there was an encounter with the dominant male Trilogy resulting in one of the brothers being quite seriously wounded, barely able to walk for a week – yet somehow he managed to pull through. It was a hard lesson to learn but since then both brothers keep their distance from Trilogy although to us it seems they do still tend to push their limits. For now they remain nomadic but we will be interested to see what the outcome of this rivalry will be as the two brothers get stronger with the day. As with everything in the bush, patience is needed!