Dagga Boys

We refer to solitary old buffalo bulls as Dagga Boys (dagga meaning mud) because the majority of the time that one sees them they are not far from water or even in the water! And this is not only for drinking and cooling down but also to allow them to roll in the muddy shallows, covering themselves in mud to protect their skin in the areas where they have lost their hair, as well as suffocating any parasites on them, especially ticks which can infest buffalo as they have no way to groom themselves.

These Dagga boys are the ones that earned the buffalo species its name on the Big Five list because of their short temper and aggressiveness. If they feel provoked or threatened or are just having a bad day, they will attack without hesitation. Whether it be another buffalo, a lion or even a harmless shrub, they will make sure they are safe and undisturbed.

This is definitely one animal to avoid getting too close to!