Big tusker

We were extremely lucky this week – seeing elephants is always a great experience but one of this size is absolutely extraordinary! It was a fairly quiet morning game drive and as we were driving along we found fresh elephant tracks so we decided to follow them. Both tracker and ranger agreed that there was a slight smell of musth in the air but we continued following the tracks, only more cautiously, unsure whether the elephant in musth would be aggressive or not. After a short while we were rewarded with not only a large herd of elephants but also the male we had smelt in musth earlier. This is one of the largest elephants we have seen in a long time, not only in height but also in tusk size. He is what we call a “tusker” – we were all in awe of his tusks. But he also put on a brilliant display for us, pushing over a tree and picking it up without the slightest difficulty, thus showing us the true strength of an elephant. Even though he was producing quite a musth smell, he was in fact just starting musth at the time and so he wasn’t concerned about our presence. For all of us on the vehicle it’ll not be a day that we will forget anytime soon.