Unusual sightings – birds and reptiles

This week we have had some great sightings including leopards on an impala kill, lions on a warthog kill and the same lions on a young buffalo kill the very next day. As a ranger these are all amazing sightings and really show me the power of the animals that make up this magical place.

I do however also find great joy in the other more unconventional sightings. This week supplied me with a few of these special moments. The first came when I saw my very first Broad-Billed Roller, this beautiful bird is an intra-African migrant and is rarely seen in our area. It is breeding time for them now, so hopefully we can see them more around here in the next few months. My second special sighting was that of two enormous Steppe eagles in a dead tree next to the road. These massive eagles have a wingspan of up to 2.6m and are Palearctic migrant, only being seen in the area in the warmer parts of the year. Finally my favourite sightings occurred on my morning walk. We walked for a few hours through some thick bush. On our travels we saw a Giant Land Snail (my first of the summer) and to my surprise, as I am quite a big reptile fan, a beautiful Snouted Cobra in a termite mound.

Thus another week has past and more beautiful memories have been made.