Two cubs for Twin Spots!

We’ll start with the leopard activity in the area. We have seen our resident female Twin Spot a number of times this week with her two cubs – she seems to be staying quite close at the moment, providing us with very good sightings of her and the two youngsters. We did find her on her own a couple mornings back and she had a cut on her neck and left paw – but nothing too serious. We have also been finding tracks of a young male further south – perhaps Twin Spots adult son?

We’ve also had good sightings of elephant Three times this week and seen buffalo almost every day, especially around one of the dams.

Lion sightings have also been very good. We have seen the southern pride a number of times. We found them just after they had killed a warthog a few evenings back and the sound effects were awesome! The cubs are getting pretty big now, going on about 9 months. This morning we found the two southern males, a great sighting, and a nice “walk-by” photo opportunity from the one.