Twinspots doing well!

We sighted our old resident female leopard, Twinspots, near KwaMbili the other day. She had found the carcass of a dead impala which she took up into a tree to feed on. Being around 15 years old, she really is an old girl now so this free meal was not something she would pass up. By the time there was only a small amount of meat left on the carcass, the younger female leopard who has basically taken over Twinspots’ territory came by and chased Twinspots off the carcass.

It is sad to see this once dominant female in decline. But a day later we found Twinspots again, not far from where we had last seen her, and she had made her own kill – a young impala. She fed off of the impala undisturbed for a couple of days and by the time she left her belly was full, we had some good photo’s and it was clear the old girl will be with us for a while yet. And we certainly hope so as she has basically become part of the family at KwaMbili!