A Story of Wild Dog, Hyena and Buffalo

We had a very nice sighting when we got to one of our dams – we found four African Wild Dog playing around the dam, running up and down and into the water, while some buffalo watched them from the other side and a hyena lay in the water relaxing. Hyena normally operate as a group (clan) but they do go out by themselves looking for food – this lone hyena was outnumbered and every time he tried to get out of the water, the Wild Dog started chasing him – so he ran back into the water to escape. Eventually the Wild Dog seemed to tire of chasing the hyena back into the water and went off to investigate the buffalo and that’s when the hyena saw his chance and ran away. The Wild Dog soon established that the buffalo were too big and dangerous for them to tackle so they trotted off into the bush and found a nice shaded area to rest for the day.