Southern Pride

We were out on game drive one morning and it was unusually quiet. Then somebody reported seeing tracks of the southern pride of lions heading our way. We made a quick decision to join in tracking them but before we could even get into the right area to assist they had been found. And not just the pride females but also the 3 little cubs! They were feeding on a small giraffe kill and already much of the carcass had been consumed. We watched as the cubs had great fun playing with each other, restlessly moving between the pride members still at the kill and those sleeping in the shade nearby. Then after a few calls from their mother, they disappeared into the thicket. It was a great morning and we all were so excited to see the small cubs which are only about 4 months old.

That afternoon we decided to try and relocate the southern pride. We reached a dam which lay in the general direction we had last seen the mother heading and… there they were, all lying in the road. We had a fantastic sighting of the whole pride lounging about together after a really hot day with bellies full. The cubs were jumping on top of other pride members at random and they seemed to have more than enough energy to go around! This gave us plenty of time to get some awesome photos of the pride and the cubs together. What a day!