Mating lions

This male and female lion were spotted resting around the dam the morning after Valentine’s Day. Both had left their respective prides for a few days of mating – Cupid definitely struck here! This lioness couldn’t resist the dark and handsome male – it is a known fact that lionesses are more likely to choose males of darker colour for mating as they are more dominant. The lioness comes from the northern pride and he is the “Giraffe male”, so named because he was the leader of what is known as the Giraffe Pride in Timbavati Game Reserve until he moved from Timbavati to Thornybush Game Reserve.

He has since taken over the Thornybush southern pride and now he has been seen with this lioness from the northern pride. This may well mean the start of a new bloodline – and hopefully after about three and a half months we will have new life on the reserve.