Leopard cub growing up

The past week at Kwa-Mbili has been a brilliant one. With fantastic displays of lightning and thunder, the plant life has rejuvenated and so have the animals. We were so lucky to come across a young male leopard one afternoon as he was playing in the bushes sending francolins and kudus scattering and shouting noisily. As we followed his blur of spots through the bushes we came out and found him sitting proudly overlooking one of the small pans. It was a special moment for our guests as they saw a leopard in the wild for the first time; where he not only thrived and ruled but where he belonged.

With such a brilliant display of nature and beauty came the understanding that sometimes it can be slightly awe inspiring, our guests sat in wonder as the ever growing herd of elephants came gently past the car one morning. Looking up into the eyes of one of Africas giants left the guests filled with nervous giggles. One of the favourite moments of the week was to witness their intelligence and gentle nature pass us quietly right by.

And still we sit each night around the fire listening to the lions call and waiting in anticipation for the excitement of what the next morning may bring.