Kudu and Ground Hornbill

Just a few of the good sightings we have had this last week…

We were near Plover Dam when we came across a large group of male kudu standing perfectly on the dam wall just waiting for us to take their picture. They were very calm and stood gracefully, showing off their beauty.

Then there were the ground hornbills. These large ground birds are not seen very often and to have them right next to our vehicle was really something special. They walked right around us as they searched for something to eat. They are definitely not picky eaters as they eat anything from reptiles to insects. But they are always entertaining to observe.

Finally we were treated to a young male elephant showing off his power as he chased a herd of buffalo through the dam where they were innocently bathing in. It was quite a show as he chased them again and again, apparently just for fun. Young bulls will often try show off their strength, or at least test it, as they develop through their teenage years.