From the eyes of a Newbie

KwaMbili is proud to welcome our new manager Candice. Here is her first impression entitled From the Eyes of a Newbie:

Yesterday I had the privilege of going on the afternoon game drive with our ranger Jacques, tracker Eddie and 4 guests. What an experience it was! Today was my first day as part of the Kwambili Team and it was such a lovely way to end off an incredible day in the bush. Our drive started off with a lioness with her 6 month-old cub who was (playfully) very interested in a nearby impala but eventually gave up to cuddle with her mother in the shade of a tree. We then moved on to a herd of elephant who were browsing on some branches amongst the trees. A very relaxed female came close to the vehicle to suss us out, and proceeded to greet her fellow herd members with a deep grumble, which set off the rest of the herd trumpeting away. The guests were blown away at how special it was to be in the middle of a herd which carried on its business as if we weren’t even there. The drive ended with a beautiful pink South African sunset over the dam, and a visit from an African Civet at our hide as we arrived back from drive.