Fish Eagle call

Every year we are almost guaranteed to see African Fish Eagles near the lodge, because of the dam we have by the lodge! In the photo of the dam there is an African Fish Eagle, can you spot it? The majority of the year the Fish Eagles are able to go anywhere where there is water and an abundance of food. But towards the end of the winter months when there has been no rain and the water has dried up, so has their food source. And so, they start having to travel and find more food sources. Near to the lodge we have a small naturally filled dam which slowly dries up during the winter months and this attracts them before the rains come and refill all the dams on the reserve. The water level starts getting so low at the dam, that even the slightest of movements from the fish causes the top of the water to ripple and this attracts a pair of Fish Eagles every year. Their beautiful call is the first thing you hear in the morning and it is heard all through the day. It doesn’t matter how many times you hear it, it is one of the calls in the wild that you will never get tired of hearing.