Elephants in the water

While out on game drive one afternoon we stopped at a herd of elephants. The young bulls were playing and the rest of the herd were grazing and breaking branches or swimming in a dam. Suddenly one young elephant calf got really upset that its mother had gone into the water and started trumpeting and running up and down on the bank. A big bull came charging out of the water, took a circular route around the bushes and then pushed the elephant calf into the water, forcing it to swim with them. The young calf seemed to enjoy the water, learning to spray water with its trunk and spraying the other elephants. After that we moved off to see what else we could find and came across a pride of lions on a wildebeest kill. There was a lot of growling as they were fighting over the scraps but I guess that’s what happens to the best of us around food! Some of the guests were really nervous, this being their first experience of anything like this but with our reassurances they could relax and enjoy the sighting. After spending some time there we found a good spot for a sundowner and then later as we slowly headed back to the lodge in the dark, we saw a bush baby, a genet and a scrub hare. Another day in the bush