Big Cats

We are seeing lion on almost every game drive at the moment. One of the young males (we call him Big T) was mating with a female that came into the reserve area from the west. And our resident females have been seen busily patrolling their territory. The old male Marvin has provided some great sightings and let us hear that beautiful voice of his. It is also intriguing that one of the resident females is spending a lot of time up north with Marvin.  Meanwhile one of the females from the southern pride has just given birth in the south of the reserve.
Our resident female leopard, Twin Spots, had been missing for a long time, until a few days ago. She was found with an impala kill close to one of the dams and is spending a lot of time around that area. Further away, the other female leopard has also been seen fairly often with her last remaining cub (she lost the other two).
The resident female cheetah has also been gracing us with her presence recently and given us some fantastic sightings.
Apart from the big cats, we also had a great sighting of a really big herd of about 300 buffalo at one of the dams.
It is that time of the year again (spring) and the knob thorns and the tree wisteria are all in full flower, it is great to have some colour out there again. The Wahlbergs Eagle has also returned from its journey to Central and North Africa.