Bad news and good news

Unfortunately, Twin Spots lost one of her cubs over the last couple of days. We suspect it was another female leopard as another female was see not too far from where they found the body of the youngster. On the positive side of things, Twin spot has been providing us with pretty impressive sightings of her and her remaining cub, they’ve been seen often.

We found a massive herd of elephants fairly far north, an extremely cool sighting. We were pretty much in the middle of the herd with youngsters and females feeding all around us.

Lions have been treating us very well, I have had some nice sightings of Marvin. He has now started to roar again, which personally I don’t think is a good move due to the fact that those other two males are also around and if they get hold of him its over…

The hyena den has been very active over the last couple of days.  5 youngsters and a couple of adult females.  Those youngsters are getting into that naughty phase coming right up to the vehicle (see previous report for a great photo).