Won the bet: Big Five in under One Hour

The guests had been having very good drives and sightings had been incredible and we wondered what we could do to top it all. On the last afternoon game drive we asked the guests what they really  wanted and the answer was Рto see the Big Five in one drive. This is quite a tall order but we agreed to it and even joined in making bets with them, with high stakes Рthe Big Five in under one hour. We started the drive and within six minutes came across elephants, a good start! We had heard where a leopard had been spotted in the morning and, with the intense heat, we took a chance that the leopard would not have moved too far so we went to the area and the leopard was there with a kill, all just thirteen minutes into the drive. Things were looking rather good now so we continued on to where lions had been seen in the morning. On the way we happened on some buffalo, only thirty minutes into the drive. We then made our approach on to the dam wall where the lions had earlier been seen, and there at the dam were the lions and, a little further on a rhino. Best drive ever fifty-five minutes and we had won the wager! After this we went for sundowners and a bottle of champagne was opened as the guests celebrated an unbelievable end to their African safari experience. We have to add that we were helped by the unusually warm weather which meant that most animals, loath to move, had stayed where they were that morning.