Thoughts about the African bush

The African bush is a place where many come to sit in silence, relax and appreciate the wonders of the wilderness. The nightly calls of lions, fiery necked nightjars and crickets brings a sense of inner peace to a traveller’s soul. Here at KwaMbili we love the bush – everything about it. From avoiding the dung beetle in the road on his way to find a mate, to slowly creeping up on that snoozing giraffe so as not to disturb him, we aim to show people not just the animals on the reserve, but our home. We know most animals by name, the fond memories following their tracks in the sand. Some we have watched, so small and vulnerable, develop into mighty creatures that stand tall and proud and eventually create families of their own. Here lies another generation, a continuing way of life – and that is what we like to share with our guests, our passion for what we conserve and carefully watch over. We aim to keep the bush a wild and safe haven for all that share the land around us.