The elephants are back

Another great couple of day up in the northern section of Thornybush:)

The Elephant sightings have been absolutely spectacular. A couple of days ago we found a massive breeding herd on our afternoon drive, all swimming and playing with one another in one of the dams in the area. It was truly an amazing sighting. Yesterday morning we also managed to find a big herd  of elephants crossing the road . They got up close – the guests really enjoyed it.

The leopard activity in our surrounding area has been  brilliant. Twinspot (female leopard) and her cub were found this morning on a kill. We think she killed it early this morning due to the fact that there is so much meat left on the carcass. There were also 3 leopard cubs seen this morning that belong to a female that we believe comes from one of our surrounding reserves but unfortunately no sign of the her only her cubs,. We did in fact see her 3 days ago just walking casually down the road. It was my first time seeing this female so it was super exiting for me :).

A few mornings ago we also managed to find Twinspots previous cub (a young male leopard) extremely close to the lodge.

Buffalo sightings are always good in Thornybush, We managed to see a massive herd yesterday afternoon at least 200 animals drinking at one of our dams.