Patience pays off…

Another great week here at Kwa-Mbili Game Lodge.

The rains came down in force over the last few days making manouvering on the roads a slightly tricky yet amusing task! But in a week filled with exciting encounters, one day stood out from all the rest.

We went out on our morning game drive hoping to find the elephant breeding herd for our eager clients but unfortunately to no avail. After hours of intense tracking we happened to stumble upon a female hyena eagerly walking though the bush in search of something to eat. We followed her until the bush got too thick at which point we turned around and headed for camp – so all in all a quiet morning.

As the afternoon drive started there was a sense of optimism in the air as we headed out again in search of the elusive elephants! After 2 hours of masterful tracking from our star tracker Edde we were close on their tail but there were more than a few moments when we thought the trail had gone dry and – to be honest – I think the guests were starting to lose faith, understandably seeing as we had come so close and then fallen at the last hurdle so many times during their stay. But today was different and to our relief and utter enjoyment we heard the cracking of branches in the thicket and out of the bush on the side of the road we saw a youngster emerging with its mother following closely.

We sat in awe as the herd of more than 30 elephant walked right past us as we sat there taking pictures. It was a surreal experience enjoyed by guests and rangers alike and a moment that will not soon be forgotten by our “first time in Africa” clients!

An amazing day where hard work and persistence paid off!