Pangolin and cheetah

We had a wonderful sighting of a pangolin the other night, This is great news as pangolins are extremely rare to see! They are endangered little mammals and unfortunately they are being killed in Africa to supply the high demand in Asia for their scales. They are slow moving and rely on curling into a protective ball when threatened. We are protecting them along with all our other animals in Thornybush.

We came across a female cheetah recently and discovered she was on a impala kill. The air around a cheetah kill is always tense and because these cats are outranked by many other larger predators, it is a fact that this female may be chased off her kill at any stage, especially once the carcass has been opened. She had already eaten most of the rump and was content with herself lying down very close to the kill, and did not look too worried at all! absolutely amazing encounter. Later that afternoon, we heard that she had been chased away by hyena and survived!