Honey badgers are ferocious

This week we had some good game sightings, including all of the Big 5. But let us consider what happens back in camp just after dark when the guests are enjoying dinner at the hide and the nocturnal animals become active. Every now and then they are treated to a visit from the Honey badger. The Honey badger has a well-earned reputation for its ferocity. It is a relatively small animal with the temperament of a large one and even bigger predators take a risk taking on a Honey badger. The Honey badger has tough, loose thick skin, particularly over its shoulders (probably an adaptation to resisting bee stings) and this enables the animal to turn round in its skin when gripped in this area and attack its assailant. It has sharp canines, a powerful jaw and unrelenting grip. Honey badgers have been known to target the groin area of large animals when threatened.