Civet fights lions

One often hears of the reputation of a honey badger being able to fight off lions and leopards and not taking it from any animal. This week we saw something very interesting from the KwaMbili hide – two honey badgers were feeding on something when an African civet approached and, to our amazement, the civet started fighting over the food with the honey badgers and managed to drive both of them away. Later in the week we were watching some lions when suddenly we heard a strange growl and saw the lions chase after a civet. The civet was grabbed by the lions but he managed to fight them off and ran into a hole in a termite mound. The lions, being persistent, set to work to get the civet out of the hole and we heard as the civet snarled and growled at them. Then, having managed to force the civet out into the open, the lions got an even bigger surprise when he fought them off again and found a deeper hole to hide, this time escaping the lions altogether. This was a very rare and amazing thing to have seen and shows that even a smaller species such as a civet can put up much more of a fight than one would expect.