Bull elephant in musth

Recently we have been seeing a local elephant bull following the elephant cows and quite obviously in musth (wet patches down his face). His testorone levels are running at 60 times the normal and he wants to mate. The other evening we witnessed him in this aggressive state pushing over small trees and bushes, without any apparent need to feed on the plants. Then he sensed our vehicle nearby and came forward, shaking his head in warning. We withdrew and watched as a White Rhino approached. The elephant was moving off in his direction. They passed parallel to each other at some 30m and appeared to miss each other. Suddenly, as they passed, the elephant got wind of the rhino and turned towards him. The rhino knew that he would lose in any confrontation and wisely ran off pretty quickly. The elephant meanwhile took out his anger/frustration by coming towards us at a trot. Our engine was running and we could drive off, leaving him behind. And to think that normally he is quite relaxed!