Big Five in One Drive

This week at KwaMbili has been one of the most incredible weeks any ranger can dream of having. The other evening we started the game drive and almost immediately came across an entire elephant herd very close to camp whilst we were in fact out trying to locate a leopard. We got very up and close in the middle of the herd with elephants surrounding us in every direction. We finally found a gap and let them be.

Then whilst having sundowner drinks my good old friend, Marvin the Lion, gave us a lovely roar, almost as though he was inviting us to come and see him – so we did. About one kilometre up the road there he was lying down very relaxed.

We thought this was enough excitement for one game drive but on returning to camp we had the herd of elephants waiting for us at the entrance to camp – so we had to sneak round to get home!

The excitement continued the next morning with what has to be my greatest game drive ever. I do not even need to go to into detail about it because all it is, is the simple phrase BIG 5 and all in one hour of driving – plus much general game, jackals and some amazing bird life. And the most amazing sunrise. Wow!! What a morning.