Amazing sightings and photos this week!

– Heard the lion roaring early in the morning whilst we were watching the hippo returning to the water after a long night feeding, air was crisp and cold so the sound travelled very clearly. Located the male and female lion mating. Had a wonderful sighting of them all to ourselves.

– Visited the hyena den and the mother was lying down outside the entrance, belly full from the previous night. Then one by one over a period of about 15 minutes the little baby hyenas came out to play. They became very curious and decided to investigate Eddie on the tracker seat. When their curiosity was satisfied they then scurried back to the den site. Amazing encounter.

РHad the Leopard at her kill that she has been protecting for the past few days, noticed that there was in fact 2 kills! An impala and a duiker. We sat watching her in and around the shadows and light projecting a truly mystical scene. Then after a while she decided to check up on her cubs who were  at the top of a small embankment. We then drove around to check up on her and she was just keeping an eye on her 2 little cubs feeding on a small leg bone. Incredible sighting!