A flexible bushwalk

An early morning bush walk with four of our guests focussing on the small things (as one does on a bush walk) turned out to be a walk with a bit of extra excitement. It all started when on departure we contacted the game drive vehicles nearby to let them know of our route and received a quick reply that walking in the direction we proposed was not advisable due to the fact that there were four lions close by – so we changed direction. Then after walking our new route for a while we received word that a female leopard was moving roughly in our direction so we altered course again! And finally as we were returning towards the lodge a radio message from a game drive vehicle following the female leopard we had been avoiding informed us that she was nearby and had just stood up and was looking in our direction. That was enough to call it a day and head back to camp. The joys of the bush and surprises it provides on a daily basis really make it an amazing place to be and work.
Despite having to take avoiding action with the Big Cats around, we did have time for the “little” things such as termite mounds, the plants and their different uses, animal tracks and droppings – things one so often misses when travelling around in a vehicle. In fact the guests loved the experience so much that they convinced other guests to do a bush walk the next morning.